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DIY Rolling Herb Garden

DIY Rolling Herb Garden

DIY Rolling Herb Garden. How to create an indoor hanging herb garden.

How To Make an Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

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My new obsession is having green house plants strategically placed around our home. I love the idea of using plants as decor. They help to purify the air in your home and they look gorgeous, when watered consistently, of course!

Recently, my husband helped me to create this rolling herb garden with hanging macrame plant holders. It sits in an area of our home that receives a lot of afternoon light. It makes me happy to see it in all its herby green glory!

WEST ELM has a cart just like mine! You can use this to design your own look! 

For starters, my husband built the base using weather wood from the home that I grew up in. He then used a leftover pipe from another project to create the part of the rolling herb garden that would hold the macrame plant holders. Lastly, he put locking caster wheels on the base, so that it could be moved when needed. If you create your own garden, don't forget to also pick up caster wheel floor protectors, too!   

Rolling Herb Garden Design

DIY Rolling Herb Garden
DIY Rolling Herb Garden. Hanging House Plants.

At this point, my rolling herb garden was ready for boho-style macrame plant holders. After a long time searching, I came across Driftwood Desert on Etsy. Her designs looked fabulous! I put in an order, and soon enough, they arrived at my home. If you are looking for a mix of simplistic and more decorative macrame, Driftwood Desert has exactly what you need! She created a series of designs in different lengths for my garden. 

Below is my initial design plan that I put together once I received the macrame plant holders. It took a few tests runs where I was testing the look of each macrame holder with a different flower pot, but eventually, I got the look to be just how I envisioned. 

My Initial Garden Design

DIY Rolling Herb Garden

I decided that I also needed some cute new herb pots. I came across Vermilion Vintage Revival on Etsy and fell in love with her terra cotta distressed pots. These "Farm Fresh" and "Home Grown" pots are exactly what my herb garden and kitchen needed. 

Distressed Terra Cotta Herb Pot

Herb pots for kitchen. DIY Rolling Herb Garden. #herbgarden #houseplants

Another design option offered by Vintage Vermillion Revival are these herb pots with each herb name stamped on the pots. Vintage Vermillion Revival offers custom design options, where you can choose the word that you would like to have stamped on each flower pot. You can also select a primary color (topcoat), and a secondary color (undercoat). These pots are simply adorable!

Custom Stamped Herb Pots

Rustic Terra Cotta Herb Plant Pots. DIY Rolling Herb Garden. Growing herbs in your home.

You will need hooks for your macrame plant holders to hang from. At first, I used shower curtain hooks, which worked great! I then switched them out with "S" hooks, which gave my garden a more industrial look. 

Rolling Herb Indoor Garden

DIY Rolling Herb Garden. Growing herbs in your home. Indoor herb garden.

Lastly, I picked up a couple of trays and plant stands for the base of my garden. These rustic trays are perfect for pots to sit on. There are also many plant stand options available on Amazon to complete the look of your rolling herb garden. 

DIY Rolling Herb Garden. Best indoor house plants. #herbgarden #houseplants
DIY Rolling Herb Garden. How To Make an Indoor Hanging Herb Garden.
DIY Rolling Herb Garden. Macrame plant holders for a rolling hanging herb garden.

Position Your Garden For Lots Of Natural Light!

DIY Rolling Herb Garden. Best house plants for your home.
DIY Rolling Herb Garden. How to create a hanging garden in your home. #houseplants #greenplants #herbgarden
Indoor Herb Garden Ideas. How To Display Your Herbs and Green Plants. Grow Your Own Cooking Herbs At Home. Best Plants To Grow In Illinois. #herbgarden
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