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Working With Inspired Closets to Create Functionally Beautiful Spaces In Your Home

Working With Inspired Closets to Create Functionally Beautiful Spaces In Your Home

A Look Inside The Inspired Closets Showroom in Oak Brook, IL

This post about how working with Inspired Closets to create functionally beautiful spaces in your home is sponsored by Inspired Closets. All opinions and words are my own.

I recently received the opportunity to attend the Grand Opening of Inspired Closets in Oak Brook, IL. If you are familiar with the area, Inspired Closets is across the street from The Fabulous Oak Brook Mall. As I was driving to their showroom, from Route 83 you get a sneak peek of the showroom from a display window that faces the street - it already looked gorgeous and I hadn't even stepped foot into the store! 

When I walked in, I immediately felt at peace. Seeing things in such an organized, decluttered state can have a calming effect on anyone. I first met with Mike Carson, who is the President of Inspired Closets. He began my tour through the showroom. 

I am very interested in all things closets since we are currently building a new home. The very first closet in the store that you see when you walk in called to me. Now, my walk in closet at the new house will not be this big as this boutique closet, but Mike explained that all their closets are custom designed. They can design a beautifully functional closet for any size space. 

Boutique Closet Inspiration

Inspired Closets Grand Opening, Oak Brook, IL

Mike explained to me that when it comes to the design of a closet, they focus on accessibility, value, and aesthetics. Sounds perfect to me! Accessibility is key.

I recently finished reading one of the best books I have ever read - it is called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. This book goes into great detail about closet organization and how everything that you choose to own should have a home in your home. If you shove things to the back of a closet or into a storage bin deep within your home, never to really see those items again, then there's a good chance they do not have a purpose in your life and they should be discarded. The fact that Inspired Closets focuses on accessibility means that they are providing functional storage solutions. Not just places to hide loads of belongings. And believe me, after you see this showroom, you will be inspired to purge items from your home in order to live a more decluttered life. 

I loved the good vibes that I was getting from the Inspired Closets showroom floor. Their store layout is open, well lit, and has many different storage solutions on display for you to see and generate ideas from. And I think I just generated the idea that this closet will be perfect for our new house! 

Inspired Closets Showroom, Oak Brook, IL

Inspired Closets Grand Opening

Mike explained to me several things about the materials that Inspired Closets uses that really sparked my interest. The cabinets are thermofoil cabinets, which are manufactured from reclaimed materials. The finish on the cabinets looks like real wood. I am 100% on board with materials as green as the ones used by Inspired Closets. This material is extremely durable and Inspired Closets gives a lifetime warranty for their products. 

And of course, Inspired Closets offers more than just walk-in-closet designs. They design functional closets for every standard closet and children's closets as well. This closet melted my heart a bit because I had a flash forward vision of my son growing up in our new house. This could totally be his closet! 

Boys Closet Design

You can see with the below little girls closet that they placed the laundry basket at the bottom of the closet. This is so little ones can help to put their dirty laundry away where it should be. The closets are accessible and functional for both parents and kids. 

Girls Closet Design 

The Inspired Closets design process begins with a home visit so that they can best understand your organizational needs. They will want to discover what works and doesn't work with your current closets and they will want to get a better idea of how you use your closet space.  

The next phase is the design process. Inspired Closets will show you a 3-D rendering of their proposed closet designs for your home. They will show you different finishes and hardware samples so that you can choose the look that is right for you.

They then handle the site preparation prior to closet install. They will provide you with the proper garment racks and boxes needed during construction so that you can readily access your belongings. They will remove your old closet system and will prep and paint the closet before installation of your new closet system.

Lastly, is the installation process. The team of professionals at Inspired Closets works quickly so that the construction process is short and sweet. This typically takes about one day. Then, there is nothing else for you to do but enjoy your new closet space!

After your closet is installed, Inspired Closets offers a 90-day design guarantee. This means that after using your closet for several weeks, and you decide that a few adjustments are needed, they will come in a raise/lower racks or tweak shelf locations to make things more accessible/user-friendly for you.  

But wait, there's more! After touring their showroom, I know that Inspired Closets is MORE than just closets. They have several other custom home storage solutions that you could implement in your home. For example - garages! This grid wall system in a garage allows for may items to be stored vertically. Being able to see everything that you own will allow for better accessibility and more useful opportunities for these items (because you can now see them!).

Storage Ideas for Garages

And then there are laundry rooms. One of the things that I am most excited for in the new house is second-floor laundry. A system like this would be perfect! 

Laundry Room Organization

Laundry Room Organization from Inspired Closets

Mudrooms, offices, home entertainment systems, and pantries are other areas that Inspired Closets has mastered. 

Mudroom Design Inspiration

Mudroom Inspiration from Inspired Closets

Home Office and Entertainment Options 

Office and Home Entertainment

Pantry Design Inspiration

Wet Bar and Pantry Designs

Overall, I had a blast at the Inspired Closets showroom. While there, I also go to meet Kymberly, who is the showroom manager. She was wonderful. She was energetic, helpful, and very knowledgeable about their products. I felt that our closet design needs would be in excellent hands after my experience at the showroom with Mike and Kymberly. 

Since I am currently pregnant, and in nesting mode, I left Inspired Closets ready to organize. I wanted to drive over to our storage locker immediately and begin to purge items that we don't need anymore and prepare to set up in our new house. Our new house won't be complete for several months, so I will need to patiently wait for the opportunity to get my life back in order. Until then, I am left with images of what my future decluttered and organized life could possibly look like.

If you are interested in seeing how Inspired Closets could potentially help with your organizational needs, be sure to stop by their showroom in Oak Brook, IL. They will respectively work within your budget to design the closets that you've been waiting for. Take it from me - the showroom is worth a see! 

Inspired Closets Design Process
Working With Inspired Closets to Create Functionally Beautiful Spaces In Your Home
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