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How To Be Creative When You Are Not Feeling Creative

How To Be Creative When You Are Not Feeling Creative

Ideas For How To Spark Innovation When You Are Out Of Ideas

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This month, I have committed to writing a blog post every day for 30 days in a row. I have seen how regular writing like this can positively affect unique visits to my blog (I’ve read that regular posting to your website helps to boost your SEO). This is easier said than done, because writer’s block is a real issue that I regularly struggle with.

I am here to help you in your quest to overcome writer’s block. I have implemented several of these techniques in order to create new topics to discuss with my readers, and the results have been MORE TRAFFIC and ENGAGEMENT!

Here are my top suggestions for how to create ideas for content when the idea train is running but you’re not on it.

1) Force The Process!

This is exactly what I did to write this post that you are reading now. I opened my computer, sat down, and began to scroll.

2) Open You Camera Roll On Your Phone

Before you head to Pinterest, look through your own photos for inspiration. I can guarantee there is more content than you think on your own phone. Got a picture of breakfast? Write about your three favorite breakfasts to make for yourself or your family. Have a photo of a crayon colored wall that you sent to your spouse when your kids were naughty? Write about How To Remove Crayon From Painted Walls (and refer your readers to these crayon removers!). So much possibility!

3) Scroll Your Own Instagram

You may come across a photo that triggers a memory for something you were wanting to post about in the past. I did this just now, and came across a post of mine that reminded me that I wanted to do a post about decorative cake ideas for birthdays and showers. Two seconds of scrolling gave me a fabulous idea for fresh and evergreen blog content!

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4) Ask Your Toddler

You never know what the most creative minds will come up with! I asked my son right now, “What should I write about on my blog?” He gave me a raspberry and ran up to his room and said “I am going to go mess up my room RIGHT NOW!”. That reminded me that I could write about his sweet bedroom decor that I spent months looking for. The very decor that he is currently destroying in toddler tornado fashion!

5) Check Your Recent Amazon Purchases

Go to your Amazon and check out your most recent purchases and decide if there is a blog post that you can write relating to something you recently purchased. This will also give you an opportunity to link to products so that you can earn affiliate commissions. My most recent purchases were these eco-friendly home products that I am obsessed with. Blog post to follow!

There you have it! My five tips for finding inspiration to combat writer’s block. As I was writing this post, I jotted down notes for six other blog posts that I can write in the near future. These posts range from eco-friendly products that I use in my home to how to get your toddler to clean his room after he messes it up. Oy vey. He is my never-ending ball of content generation!

5 No-Fail Methods For Sparking Creativity When Developing Posts For Your Blog. Where to start when generating ideas for blog and social media content. How to use the tools that you have to create fresh and evergreen blog post ideas. #blog #post #ideas

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