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How To Find Time At Home To Perfect Your Presentation Skills

How To Find Time At Home To Perfect Your Presentation Skills

Tips For Professional Development In Public Speaking

As a working mom, I know important and useful cloning technology would be. However, since there is only one of YOU, and of course, never enough time in the week to do it all, I have uncovered some tips for professional development at home. Here are my suggestions for how to perfect your presentation skills while at home (with children, pets, a spouse, and many other potential interruptions).

1) Do a presentation dry run at work, and ask for feedback.

This is the first step towards presentation perfection. Invite trusted individuals who you know will give you the feedback that you crave in order to make your work and message clearer and more effective.

2) Write down their feedback.

Take notes on what they say, and make it a point to work on addressing some of the constructive feedback through practice.

3) Practice at home.

After letting the feedback sink in, commit time at home to practice until your presentation is up to the standard that you want it to be. It will get there, but not without rehearsal.

4) Get dressed for your practice runs.

When it’s Saturday morning, it would make sense to practice in a sweatshirt and leggings. I suggest you put on clothing and shoes similar to what you would wear during a presentation. Dressing the part for practicing will help you to commit to the effort that you put into your rehearsals.

5) Record yourself.

Think that this step is not necessary? WRONG! It is critical to fixing the annoying things that may muddle your message during a presentation. We are our own best critics, AmIRight?!

6) Welcome the distractions of your family.

If you are thinking about trying to find a quite space to practice in, why? In a presentation room, you are most likely going to have to deal and navigate several forms of distractions, and distracted people. It’s best to ask your family to watch your practice. They will be one of the most challenging audiences that you have, which is great for personal growth during the development of this pertinent business skill.

7) Research presentation techniques.

A five minute search and quick scan of several articles helped me to craft an effective opening for my presentation. Some examples are:

1) Start by asking a question.

2) Memorize your first few lines.

3) Allow the passion that you have for the subject matter to shine through.

4) Tell stories.

There are so many tips out there - choose the ones that fit your personality.

If you practice these steps at home, then you are guaranteed to put on a better presentation than you would have without the practice. Get yourself ready for the main event by practicing at home with your family. I have also used the technique of blasting out short videos of my intro for friends and family for feedback as well. Ask for feedback early and often, and you will be better off because of it!

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