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1st Birthday Gift Ideas That The Parents Will Love Too

1st Birthday Gift Ideas That The Parents Will Love Too

Non-Messy, 3 Piece Or Less Gift Ideas For One Year Old Girl Or Boy

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When it comes to toys, I know how important it is that that they not come with 1000 pieces. My MIL, who is amazing, just recently purchased a block puzzle for my son with 75 pieces. She told him that once he masters this one she will get him the 400 piece version.

Nooooooooooooooooo. Please no!!!!!!!!

My daughter recently turned one year old. Our friends and family were kindly asking me what she would like for her birthday. I was constantly trying to think of mess-free toys or toys that had only a few pieces to them.

My least favorite kids toys are ones with many parts that are not the same in nature. It is so easy to lose parts like that. When I end up cleaning, I often have a bag dedicated to “MISC PARTS”. It is usually filled with odds and ends from all sort of toys.

After a ton of experience with kid’s toys, the following are my favorite toys for boys and girls that are mess-free or have few parts. And if they have counting pieces, the pieces are easy to keep with the toy. The parent will thank you for these toys as well!

1) Your Birthday Book (Keepsake Memory Book)

This book allows parents to record the sweet details of their kiddo on their birthday as they turn a year older. How fun for your kid to reflect back on the memories of how they spent each of his or her birthdays over the years?! A must have for any soon to be one year old!

2) Mess Free Touch Lights

This is a good one for a one year old to grow into. We had this for my son and my daughter, who is younger than him, loved getting her hands on this light doodle pad. It’s a fave over in our house!

My kids argue A LOT. Especially over this bath toy. Which is exactly why I am buying another one right now!

4) Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Dusty Activity Ride On

This ride-on toy has a been a favorite in our house for three years now. My son got it as a gift for his first birthday, and he still loves it at age three. My daughter, who is now one, is starting to LOVE this toy. She is just starting to learn how to make it “go” on it’s own. Best thing is - it is one piece. No extras. And it does not have a large footprint. Overall, I give this toy an A+ rating!

5) My First Microscope

This one piece toy will make the parents of this child soooooo happy. And since it’s a microscope, they will feel all smart and science-y as well. This microscope is truly perfect for a one-year old. They can put any of the tiny MISC parts from their other toys underneath the lens for analysis.

6) Fisher Price Laptop

Calling all future techies! This laptop has moving parts (that do not detach!) along with flashing lights and songs. This laptop has it all. So much so that my one year old daughter and three year old son are constantly fighting over it. It’s super cute, one piece, and the babies love to push the buttons.

7) Fisher Price Piggy Bank

This toy is da bomb. It’s one of my favorites. My daughter loves to push the coins down into the bank. The coins are large enough so they do not easily get lost. This is one of the toys that occupies my daughter for the longest, and it is too cute for words to watch!

8) Fat Brain MiniSpinny

OMG these Fat Brain spin toys are my fave. My kids too - swear! Mini Spinny is one piece - perfect! There is another version that is few additional pieces. We have played with both and have the full size spinner at home. It’s a true fave of the kids (and us!! Don’t forget us!)

9) No Mess Extra Large Drawing Mat

Today we painted with real paint. It’s how I created the image for my Pinterest photo in this pic. We made a MESS. And ruined one pair of nice pants. It was not cool. However, this paint mat truly is mess-free. This is for kids 2+, so this would be a great older sibling toddler gift to bring along to a first birthday party.

10) SPLURGE ALERT! Sesame Street Vintage Neighborhood Playhouse

We got so lucky with this one - it was given to us by a friend. It is TRULY a favorite of both of our kids. It folds shut, and is constantly full of paw patrol guys, PJ Masks, and Sesame Street characters that were purchased separately.

This house has traveled with us on every road trip. My daughter now LOVES to see it opened with. She can sit with it forever once opened. This is also a favorite toy of mine - it could be it’s nostalgic vibes!

11) Fat Brain Dimpl Toy

How fun is this? This ONE PIECE TOY provides hours of exploration fun for your baby. The soft silicon bubbles on this sensory toy can be pressed over and over and will captivate your baby.

12) Melissa & Doug Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks - 24 Blocks in 3 Sizes

We have many block sets, but these are by far my favorite. They are played with the most in our home of all the block sets. I like how big they are - they are easy to clean up! And we still have all 24 blocks - two years after receiving this as a gift. Plus, these are a classic toy - they were around back when I was little.

13) “Quantum Physics For Babies” Book Series

This book series for babies is fantastic! It’s a good refreshers for the parents as well, LOL! I caught her doing some early morning reading the other day, and of course, it was her baby genius books!

1st Birthday Gift Ideas That The Parents Will Love Too. Books For Your Baby That You Will Love. Quantum Physics For Babies.
Non-Messy, Less Than 3 Pieces Toys For Babies. 1st Birthday Gift Ideas That The Parents Will Love Too. Gift ideas for one year old baby boys and girls. #one #year #old #gift #ideas #boy #girl
Non-Messy, Less Than 3 Pieces Toys For Babies. 1st Birthday Gift Ideas That The Parents Will Love Too. Gift ideas for one year old baby boys and girls. #one #year #old #gift #ideas #boy #girl
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