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Best Podcasts That Will Leave You Wanting To Hear More

Best Podcasts That Will Leave You Wanting To Hear More

Binge-Worth Podcasts

There is no greater entertainment than a fabulous podcast. I like the ones that have captivating story-telling. Who doesn’t? The story telling needs to be spot-on in order to engage an audience. When I am away from my family, my “me time” is spent listening to podcasts. But only the good ones!

Here are my favorite podcasts, in no particular order, that I know will leave you wanting to hear more, too!

1) The Dream

This podcast goes deep into MLM marketing, and exposes it for what it is. The women doing the investigating invest into one of the (many) MLM marketing companies, and give a full and candid story about how they work . In one part of the podcast, you will be brought to tears when you hear how this type of business scammed women who were only looking to provide the best for their families.

2) Science Vs.

This Gimlet Media podcast, hosted by Wendy Zuckerman (who has a fabulous Australian accent), goes into detail on a variety of topics. They take controversial topics or theories, and apply science to them. This podcast basically outlines the facts. They don’t really take a side, they just provide science to many common questions that we have as humans. Here are some examples of topics:

-The Science of Being Transgendered

-CBD: Weed Wonder Drug?


-Gun Violence


These are ripe will all sorts of information that is tough to peel yourself away from.

3) How I Built This

Put on by NPR, this podcast interviews founders and CEO’s of some of the fastest growing and most successful brands and companies. It is an inspiring podcasts where entrepreneurs tell their stories.

Download this podcast to hear the inspiring stories behind Rent The Runway, Dry Bar, Aden + Anais (each women owned), TOMS, Southwest, Five Guys, Airbnb, Whole Foods Market, DoorDash, Lululemon, Warby Parker, Melissa & Doug, Instagram, and many many more.

4) The Dropout

I recently started The Dropout, which is the story of the rise and fall of billionaire Elizabeth Holmes. If you are not familiar with her name, google her and I am you will see a ton of recent press that her story has been receiving. From the first few lines, I was hooked. And you will be too!

5) Serial

This award-winning podcast is not new, but it has had a huge audience. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, this story goes through the details of the murder of Hae Min Lee, a popular high school senior. The person in jail because of the murder is Adnan Syed, who dated Hae Min Lee. He says he did commit the murder. But who did?

SNL has done a spoof of Serial, which you can see below. Her Sarah Koenig impression is spot on.

If you are interested in knowing more about a podcast to help you learn Pinterest, you can see my review here of Simple Pin, which is my go-to for all things Pinterest.

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