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Gift Ideas For 1 To 2 Year Old Toddlers

Gift Ideas For 1 To 2 Year Old Toddlers

Gift Ideas For 1 To 2 Year Old Toddlers
The below post about gift ideas for 1 to 2-year-old toddlers contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a small commission, at no cost to you, from sales that come from this post. Thanks for reading!!

One question that often comes up in a few of the Mommy Facebook groups that I am in is, "What is a good gift for a one-year-old"? Well, after our experience with MANY toys that are geared towards 1-2 year old toddlers, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas that are still being used well into my son's second year. These toys are perfect for both boys and girls, and they can all be scooped up on one of my favorite websites - Amazon! 

1. Cozy Car!! 

Our son actually has this pink and blue model, and let me tell you, it is his absolute favorite toy. We got this car for him around 14 months of age, and it has been his go-to ride since then. One of his favorite things to do is ask for our car keys as soon as we walk in the door. He then places our keys into the cozy ignition and then plays the night away. It's adorable. And how cute is the Cozy Truck?! We keep ours indoors at all times, and he cruises around on our open floor plan of the main level of our house. 

2. Disney Planes Ride On Toy

This ride-on plane is definitely our son's second most used toy. He received this toy for his first birthday and took to it right away. He still rides it all the time. It lights up and the soft foam propeller spins, which he loves to see. He likes to eat breakfast on his plane - he will pull it right up the the coffee table and have his milk and cereal in the morning, plane side, of course. 

3. Mega Blocks

This toy may be a bit of work to clean up once playtime is done, but Theo is always asking to play blocks. He loves to spread them all out and call out the colors. 

4. Kiddie Woods Toy Doctor Kit

This set is too cute. It comes with a doctor's lab coat, and then all the tools needed to keep everyone in the house healthy. We showed our son how to listen for heartbeats using the wooden stethoscope. BOOM-A-BOOM-A-BOOM is the sound that we make with every heartbeat that he listens for. It's the cutest when he does this to our pup (she's so tolerant!) 

5. Fisher Price Little People School Bus

Stop and go, stop and go. This bus plays catchy music as your toddler takes the "guys" on a ride. Our son is quite imaginative with all the different toys that he has that can also ride in this bus. The bus comes with three little people, who my son refers to as the "guys". 

6. Colors and Shapes Bean Bags

This is one of my son's favorite toys at day care. He LOVES calling out the colors before a bean bag is tossed his way. And this toy has really helped him to learn his colors quickly. This set also includes more difficult colors such as white, grey, and brown. They also make a shapes version! 

7. VTech Smart Shot Sports Center

Our son received this toy for his first birthday, and this is yet another one that has been a fave throughout the year. He often asks for the basketball just to hold as he falls asleep at night. He must dream of NBA hoops at night! 

8. The Little Boy (or Girl!) Who Lost His Name Personalized Book

In this personalized book, a little boy or girl goes on a journey to find their name. Not only is this book fun and creative, but it is an educational way to teach your child how to spell their name. 

9. Bubble Toy Lawn Mower

While we are living with my parents as we move, my son loves to watch "Papa" mow the lawn. Now, he too can participate in lawn mowing with his very own bubble mower. Do yourself a favor - pick up LOTS of bubble refills! 

10. Plush Back Packs

Our son is starting to realize that kids go to school. He will point out school busses and will tell us that they are going to school. While he doesn't go to school yet, he does enjoy having his own plush backpack to pack before walks to the park or trips to the lake. 

11. Crayola Color Wonder Paper and Markers

Mess-free is the way to go! These markers are the only markers allowed in our house at this time. They only work on the special paper. While flying to New York, this paper and markers saved us! It kept our son occupied for a good chunk of the flight. 

12. Soft Hockey Stick

"Where's my hockey stick and hockey ball, mama?!" My son LOVES all things sports. I don't mind this one in the house since it is soft. Our son has a real metal putter for golf, which now is only allowed outside as he becomes more powerful with his swing. This stick is and soft ball works for us indoors though. Great for rainy days! 

13. Dino Squirting Bath Toys

Because every kid loves dinosaurs! 

There you have it! This is a solid list of fun and educational toys that are great for toddlers who are 1-2 years of age, or older. I know that we will get a lot more years out of these toys as we move forward. With our second on the way, I am sure when some of these toys become old to my son, there will be renewed interest as soon as his little brother or sister begins to like and use them. I'm SURE he will be an excellent toy least he will need to learn to be! 

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