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Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

One Way To Fix Postpartum Hair Loss

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After having my son, over 50% of my hair fell out. As I continued to see clumps come out after each shower, I knew I had to start to look for solutions for my postpartum hair loss before it was time to go back to work.

I have always had THIN hair. Not thin like you see when you search on Pinterest for "hairstyles for fine thin hair". Because when I do that, this all that comes up is women with full heads of hair! Frustrating! 

This is what real fine hair looks like (below, me). Now, I realize that there will ALWAYS be someone out there who has finer, thinner hair. However, you gotta admit, mine is pretty brutal!

Postpartum hair loss after pregnancy

Bottom Left: 8 months pregnant. Bottom Right: 4 months after having my son

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

As I have gotten older, I find that I have fewer and fewer strands. After my pregnancy with my son, I considered my hair to be a "total loss". No matter why types of products that I used, or the diet that I ate, my hair was thin and wispy and beyond repair. 

I have NOT tried topical over-the-counter hair growth medication. People ask me this all the time. The reason is because I do not want to start this regime before I am finished having kids. It's not recommended for use while pregnant, so I would need to stop if pregnant again. And I hear that once you stop use, then you risk losing all of the regrowth. 

I have tried many different products ranging from special shampoos, oils, vitamins, and even topical steroids prescribed by my dermatologist. I have had special scalp treatments geared towards promoting regrowth. I have taken part in a Hair Growth Analysis study. I have had every hormone and vitamin level checked in my body. Twice. There's no real reason for my hair loss - I'm simply a baldy!

I have always worn extensions to give my hair volume, but nothing was able to help with the top of my hair. That is, until I found Tressmerize. 

I was not sure if I was ready to go the topper route, but once I received my Tressmerize kit, I had made up my mind. I decided to give up on my bio hair. No more thin wisps! No more stressing over my seven silky strands. No more hair studies. It was time to give it all up. I had a son now and a family to take care of - there is no room in my life to worry about hair. 

When I received my Tressmerize Kit and took out the hair, it was beautiful. The hair was so silky and smooth. The first kit that I received was the TressChic, which is a light brown color with subtle highlights. 

Tressmerize Hair Topper Kit - 100% Human Remy Hair

The kit comes with a topper and five other weft pieces. The instructions on how to put them in are easy to read and understand. There are also instructions on how to wash and care for your hair. I typically wash mine once per month. It is a process to wash these pieces. My natural bio strands take five minutes to wash and style. All this Tressmerize hair takes some time! Round brush, hair dryer, and straightener. It's a process that I know many thick-haired girls are used to!

First things first - here is what my hair looks like today. Freshly washed. Thin thin thin!

My hair BEFORE Tressmerize - Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Most of the time, I wash and then dry the TressChic with a round brush and then give some light curls in the front. But today, my son and I are having photos taken so I went curl crazy! Here are my washed and dried pieces that I wanted to wear for our shoot:

Tressmerize Hair Extension and Topper Kit for Short or Thin Hair

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Next up, I curl the pieces using a 1 1/2 barrel on my beloved Cortex curling wand. This wand is so easy to use, and comes with four different barrel sizes. I spray each piece lightly with OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Elevated Finish Spray. This spray is strong enough to hold the curls, but light enough to be flexible and brush-able. 

Best Hair Spray Product and Curling Wand For Hair Extensions

Best hairspray for hair extensions. How to style and curl hair extensions.

Just look at those curls! 

Curled Tressmerize Hair. How to use a curling wand on hair extensions.
Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

These curls are gorgeous, but I did end up brushing them out with my Wet Brush. When I buy wet brushes, I always get this two pack. One of the brushes is travel size - super important because when you wear extensions or toppers, you need to brush your hair a couple times per day to keep everything looking nice. 

I am all about blending, so before I clip in the extensions, I do a couple of things to my hair. First, I curl my bio hair. (Bio hair is short for Biological hair). 

Curled Bio Hair. This is before I clip in my Tressmerize

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Then, I color in my part at the front of my scalp. I do this using Joan Rivers's product called Great Hair Day. My hair is brown, but I used the blonde. This compact is the only one that I have had to purchase in 10 months. And as you can see, I still have a lot left! 

Joan Rivers "Great Hair Day" in Blonde Scalp Shadow

Applying Great Hair Day to my scalp

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

The Great Hair Day product really helps to make the front of my hair look more natural. Some of my bio hair peeks through as well, making the topper appear even more seamless. 

Once this hair is curled, I don't really have to curl it again until after the next wash. This makes my mornings so easy. I go 3-4 days in between bio hair washes now. No one would know because I cover my bio hair on the daily, and I have been doing so since June 2016. 

The hair is so easy to clip in. I simply part my hair to clip in the layers. To work every day, I typically wear the topper and then the large clip-in weft piece. But for photos today, I am wearing the topper and then four clip- in pieces for extra volume. This is what the clips look like on the underside of the hair. 

It's so easy to put on these clip in extensions and topper pieces

Tressmerize TressChic topper and extensions

This is the final look! I should mention that I also had the TressChic cut prior to wearing it regularly. The hair in the front was slightly angled around my face, which helps the hair to move more naturally. 

My hair AFTER Tressmerize topper and four extension pieces. 

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

If you want to purchase a Tressmerize kit for yourself, you can select either the topper only option or the entire six-piece kit. Tressmerize uses the highest quality hair. It is all 100% Remy Human Hair. The hair can be washed and styled just like your real hair (because it IS real hair!) 

I loved the TressChic so much that I also purchased the TressMirage, which is a vibrant auburn color. This shade is perfect! And it is so much fun being a redhead one day, and a brunette the next! 

Wearing the TressMirage by Tressmerize

TressMirage by Tressmerize. Red hair extensions.

Left: TressChic     Right: TressMirage

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Left: Bio Hair.   Right:TressChic

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy

How Tressmerize looks from the front

The line of Tressmerize products is not just for women with thin and fine hair. It is for any woman who is looking to do the following:

-Create a long-haired look for their short hair (these extensions work great on short hair!)

-Instantly build volume

-Color their hair less (fewer trips to the salon when you use a Tressmerize topper!)

-Save time styling your hair in the morning (my new clip and go routine takes only 3 minutes)

-Change up your hair color easily and quickly

The Tressmerize line is priced so well compared to other hair extension products that I have used in the past. Ten years ago I paid $370 for a single weft at a fancy hair salon. I have paid over $600 for beaded hair extensions. I have even paid $750 for a single topper from another company. 

With Tressmerize, you receive a lot of beautiful, high quality hair. The topper fits wonderfully, and it blends so well with my bio hair. This product has it all! So go on, give it a try! Have your stylist cut their pieces to best suit your style. Follow this link for a full listing of the colors and products offered by Tressmerize

Tips for Adding Volume to Thin Fine Hair in Women


This Mean Girls Meme sums up my hair post!

Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy
Solutions for Postpartum Hair Loss After Pregnancy - First Thyme Mom
Hair loss after pregnancy, and what you can do about it. How to cope with postpartum hair loss. Toppers for female hair loss.
How to fix postpartum hair loss. #hairloss #pregnancy #sponsored
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