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5 Reasons Why A Learning Tower is a Must for Any Toddler

5 Reasons Why A Learning Tower is a Must for Any Toddler

How We Use Our Learning Tower

My post below about why a learning tower is a must for any toddler contains Amazon Affiliate links to different learning towers that you too can try. This means that I may receive a small commission for sales from this post, at no additional cost to you. Thanks for reading!

"TOWER! TOWEERRRRRRRR"! This is one of our son's favorite words that we can often count on him saying on the daily. He LOVES his learning tower that his dad built for him, and I don't know what we did before we had this tower in our lives. Here's 5 reasons why a learning tower is a must for any toddler. 

The learning tower has made for a happier life for both us, and our son. Here's how!

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Learning Tower:

5 reasons why you should have a learning tower in your home for your toddlers.

1) It makes cooking in the kitchen MUCH easier. 

Before having the tower, it was impossible to do anything in the kitchen. My son always wanted "up". You CANNOT make dinner with a baby on your hip. I've tried. Not possible! 

2) It makes your baby taller, which is a game changer for him or her! 

Imagine always looking wayyyyy up at people, and then all of a sudden getting that height boost you've been dreaming of. Our son has FOMO and doesn't want to be left out of the fun conversations that the adults are having. This height boost provided by the tower has greatly reduced whines and cries when he is not the absolute center of attention. 

3) Hand washing is SO much easier. 

Before, I'd prop him up on my knee and hope he did something close to washing his hands in the sink. Now, with the tower, he is at the perfect height for me to get those little baby hands squeaky clean. Now that I'm not focusing on balancing the baby, hand washing is a breeze. 

4) Every baby wants a baby task, so give them one!

Don't your kids love it when they feel like they are contributing? You can give them super simple tasks, such as having them pass you vegetables when you're making a pan-seared vegetable spinach salad, or throwing things away as needed. Sometimes, my son will just (happily) hang out and watch the Wiggles on the iPad while I cook. 

5) They learn more while on the tower. 

Imagine having a different vantage point in life. If you were able to see MORE things, you're guaranteed to learn more things. You would create new thoughts and would have more questions about the new things that you are seeing and are a part of. We can see this phenomenon with our son. Not a day goes by where he is not up on the tower exploring this new vantage point. 

Bonus: All of this equates to more time with mom or dad. Which is ultimately what our littles want the most. 

Note: Our son can move his tower around the kitchen himself by getting off of it and pushing it while on the ground. Your kiddo will still need close supervision when you have a tower. Be careful of new things that are potentially within their reach, such as the stove top or kitchen knives. 

My husband built our learning tower. If building one is not in the cards, there are plenty of awesome options available online (ones with Prime Shipping as well!) Look for learning towers with adjustable steps and also side rails for safety. 

The Learning Tower Built by My Husband

5 Reasons why you should have a learning tower in your home. Learning towers area great way for your kids to learn new things.

My husband almost did not think he would have time to build a learning tower. I had already done a ton of shopping online and scooped out several ready-made options that ship to your door. 

1) Little Partners Learning Tower: The adjustable height tower with side rails in a natural wood color. Adorable, functional, and look out, future learning ahead! 

2) GuideCraft Kitchen Helper in Blue: Three height adjustments and a chalkboard on the side! And I love this limited edition blue color. 

3) GuideCraft High Rise Step-Up: I liked this one because the price tag was a little bit more economical. This one is great for ages 2-6!

4) Little Helper Tower: Get this - this model converts from a tower to a desk! How cool is that?!

The only thing I regret about our tower is not getting it sooner! I have heard about how wonderful these things could be, but until we had one, I did not realize all of the benefits that would come along with the tower. 

Learning towers are a great way for toddlers to bond and learn with their parents. Here are 5 reasons why a leaning tower is a must-have for all toddlers. They will love being a help in the kitchen!
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