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32-Week Bumpdate

32-Week Bumpdate

32-Week Bumpdate. What pregnancy at 32 weeks looks like. What the third trimester of pregnancy is like.

What Pregnancy At 32 Weeks Is Like

This weekend, we were able to sneak off for what could be our last weekend at the lake. My husband has been working hard at the house, so he was not able to join us. So I packed up myself, My son, and our post-surgery pooch for some unseasonably warm fall weather. 

Enjoying some cone-free time at the lake with her family!

Our dog enjoying some time at the lake!

My sisters spent Saturday in waders bringing in the dock. Naturally, I sat on the sidelines and admired their hard work. I am pregnant, after all, and should not be doing much heavy lifting :) My son spent the weekend fishing off the dock with his Cars pole and looking for the plastic decoy duck that hangs off our dock. 

32-Week Bumpdate

This week marks the start of 32 weeks of pregnancy for me. So far, so good! My partner in crime accompanied me to my doctor appointment today. We met a new doctor in the rotation. She let my son push the button to operate the doppler. He loved it! He also got a band-aid out of the deal. I asked him what the doctor was going to say today, and he responded with a "no more monkey's jumping on the bed!" 

After week 20 I have been bringing my son to every appointment. Now that they are every two weeks, he knows that he gets to "play toys" and eat tic tacs while at the office. They always assure me that kids are welcome to appointments, but so far, my son has been the only toddler I've ever seen in the office! 

Below is a photo of what 32 weeks pregnant looked like with my first-born. We even had the nursery complete by this time.

32 Weeks Pregnant With My First Pregnancy

32-Week Bumpdate.

I'd say I am definitely bigger at 32 weeks with baby numero dos. 

32 Weeks Pregnant With My Second Pregnancy

32-Week Bumpdate

Weight Gain: At 30 weeks, I had gained 24 lbs. After two more weeks, I am officially up 27 lbs. 

Cravings: Ice Cream. Specifically, either a Butterfinger blizzard or oreo blizzard. I average about two per week. 

Favorite Outfit Color: Black. It's slimming, right?!?!?! As you can see above, I live in black these days.

Baby's Movement: So much movement. I have a gymnast in there! 

Workouts: I've been slacking, I'm not going to lie. But as I write this, I am mentally committing to at least three morning barre classes this week. 

Pain: Not much at this point. Driving is still okay, which I know after driving to and from the lake this past weekend. The biggest pregnancy annoyance at this time is the fact that my legs become restless after about 7 pm. The only cure seems to be that's just great! 

Swelling: NONE YET! Stay away, edema, stay away

Stretch Marks: None yet! Still oiling away

Preparation: I have my hospital bag packed, but seriously, I am in no way "prepared" to be a mom x2. 

Baby Names: Girl name is solid. Boy name is a work in progress. My coworker showed me an awesome app called baby name. My husband has it on his phone, too. You swipe left for names you don't like, and right for names that you like. Your partner does the same, and then it will show you a list of matches. We have a nice list of boy names! We will have to meet this baby before giving him a name! 

That sums up my 32-week bumpdate! Only eight more weeks to go. Eight very......short....weeks! 

What it is like to be 32 weeks pregnant for a second time. 32-Week Bumpdate. Pregnancy at 32 weeks in the third trimester.
34-Week Bumpdate

34-Week Bumpdate

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