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Must-Do Pregnancy Bump Photos Ideas

Must-Do Pregnancy Bump Photos Ideas

Bump Progression Photo Ideas To Take During Your Pregnancy

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As I went though both of my pregnancies, I had my husband take a lot of photos of my progression along the way. With my first pregnancy, I took a photo every week. I would stand in the same spot for each photo, and then I compiled them together in an iMovie and made a super cute 3 minute video that captured the entire nine months of my pregnancy.

With my second pregnancy, I did not do a week by week photo, but I was sure to take many photos along the way. I had a lot of photos from my first pregnancy so that I could compare my first pregnancy to my second. I was very curious as to how I would carry my first vs. second born.

I have compiled ideas for all of the different ways that you can document your pregnancies. Many of these photos are edited, I have hundreds more that are unedited as well. I highly suggest to take a mix so that you can look back on them as your kids grow. I know my son loves to see only pictures from when I was pregnant with him.

With our first pregnancy, we did a maternity photo shoot. One of my favorite photos from my shoot is this one with my husband:

I also did a barely-pregnant photo. This is me at 10 week pregnant with my second. Hardly a bump, but still fun to have to compare the progression of my second pregnancy.

I also was sure to take photos of myself with my son. This photo is early on in my pregnancy, maybe at about five months. This was a trip to the zoo, and was the first time that I wore an outfit that accentuated my baby bump.

Don’t to take cute photos of your all dressed up. These photos are about as good as it got with being dressed up while pregnant with my second baby.

I also made it a point to take several photos at my favorite place - my parent lake house. The dock made for a perfect photo spot during my pregnancy.

While I was pregnant, we were also going though a major life change with our home. We were building a house. I wanted to simultaneously document my pregnancy with the construction of our home.

We are huge football fans in our house, so naturally, I have a picture of baby’s first football game.

I was typically dressed casually during my pregnancy. I wore this Modern Times Brewing hoodie almost throughout my entire pregnancy. It was my go-to casual sweatshirt.

As my due date got closer and closer, I was sure to get very full-term photos. I had no idea when my daughter was going to arrive, but I was taking pictures every week just in case she was approaching her due date.

I was pregnant on Thanksgiving, so therefore, I did not need to make any excuses for my third plate of food.

While you’re in the hospital on the day that your baby decides to make their arrival, have your hubby snap a photo of you in the glamorous hospital gown.

And lastly, my favorite type of pregnancy photos are the side-by-side pregnancy comparisons (for me, this was my first pregnancy compared to my second), and then the side-by-side before and after shots. Looking back, I loved being pregnant. Looking at these photos makes me want to be pregnant just one more time!

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