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Welcoming Our Second Baby

Welcoming Our Second Baby

Delivery Day

After being several days past-due with our little one, I woke up the other day and knew that we'd be meeting our baby very soon. Contractions started out early in the day and were about eight minutes apart by noon. My husband was at work over at the house, so I wanted to give him as much time as possible to get in as much work as possible before we headed to the hospital. 

At 3 pm, I called him and said that he should probably only work until the sun goes down and then should head home. At 3:10, I suggested he start to wrap things up at the house. At 3:15 I called him to say COME HOME NOW! 

Things were happening quickly! By the time we arrived at the hospital, my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. They rushed me into the last room that they had, and I got an epidural right away. Things were progressing well! All was happening much faster than it did with my first-born. 

By the early AM, after 1.5 hours of pushing. we welcomed our new baby into the world. After 30 seconds of not hearing if we had a boy or girl, I was like helloooooooo! Is it a girl or a boy?!!!!!

IT'S A GIRL! I could not believe my ears. I was convinced we were having a sweet boy, but was going off of nothing but a mother's intuition. I was wayyyyyyyy off!  

She's Here!

We were instantly in love. We spent two more hours in labor and delivery and then moved over to the family unit. Everything about recovery with our baby girl was easier and more straightforward than recovery with my first. Things were exponentially easier by the fact that I did not sustain a debilitating hematoma during the birth of our daughter. I felt GREAT comparatively speaking to my recovery from my first pregnancy!

Our new baby

We spent the next day doing what we could to get out of the hospital as quickly as possible. To be honest, we just wanted to get home and get settled in. But first, hospital photos! The hospital photos with my son are some of my favorite pictures from when he was fresh to the world, so we couldn't wait for the photos of our daughter. 

Our baby girl

One reason why we couldn't wait to get home is that the hospital had a new visitor policy that prohibited siblings under the age of 18 from coming in and meeting their new siblings. So we had to wait until we got home for this moment. He is soooooooo in love with baby sis! 

Now that we are home, we are focusing on a new routine. Mike has been working hard to make sure our son is taken care of while I focus on our new babe. And of course, our family and friends have been a huge help! We are surrounded by so much love this holiday season! 

Our hearts are full! We cannot wait to get to know our little peanut more and more every day!

Mother Daughter Shot
Father Daughter Shot
What birth was like with our second baby. Welcoming our surprise baby into the world.
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