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40-Week Bumpdate

40-Week Bumpdate

40-Week Bumpdate. What it is like to be 40 weeks pregnant.

40 Weeks Pregnant = 9.20 Months! 

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It's here! No, not the baby, my due date! After being 11 days early with my first pregnancy, I cannot believe that this time around I have actually hit my due date and do not yet have a new baby in my arms. 

I have been saying it the entire time, but this pregnancy has been SO different from my first. This pregnancy has been a lot easier on my body, so as a bonus, the pregnancy gods have blessed me with an additional few weeks of being very very pregnant. Those who know me know that I very much wanted this. With the house not being ready, I have been A-OK with the baby staying put for the full stretch (and then some!). 

The two most popular questions I get these days are, "When will the baby get here", and, "When can you move into the house". These questions don't wear on me, I just wish I had the answers. I don't like not having answers. If I had to bet on it, I'd say 2017 for the baby, and 2018 for the house. 

At my last appointment, my doctor discussed an induction between week 41-42. My son was born on my Dad's birthday. We joked for a while that it would be wild if this baby was born on my mom's birthday. Well, it just so happens that week 41.5 for me is my mom's birthday. So it just might happen after all! 

I must say, it is much easier to take care of a little baby while they are still on the inside compared to when they are on the outside. Feedings, diaper changes, naps - all a breeze right now! This has allowed for lots of mommy and son time along with spending this weekend celebrating a friend's birthday with lunch and scoping out model homes with my mom - basically my last hoorah before the new baby is here!

Meeting Santa - Not a huge fan!

Visit With Santa

Model Homes, Because Why Not? 

Mike can now add an under-the-stairs playhouse to his project list! 

Mike has been nesting like crazy. More so than I have because he has something to nest! His main project this week has been our shower. He is trying to get it done so that he can have his evenings back after I have the baby. 

Master Bath Shower Tile

Master Bath Shower

Shower Floor Tile

Master Bath Shower

Weight Gain: 40 full pounds. I guess that comes out to one pound per week of pregnancy!

Cravings: At this point, I am just needing the pregnancy to be over so that I can stop making excuses for eating everything in sight. 

Baby's Movement: Still a lot of movement, which makes me think I still have several days of being pregnant. They say the baby's movement is supposed to slow greatly right before giving birth. 

Workouts: I'm still showing up at Barre class and am freaking out the instructors each time they see me. They keep joking that hopefully, I don't go into labor during class. But in reality, I'm hoping I do! Something has got to work in getting things going here! 

Stretch Marks: None yet! Still oiling away

Preparation: The Micro-nursery is complete, and we just got our DockATot in the mail on Friday! Cannot wait to try some of these new baby products that we have for #2!

Sleep: I've been waking up super early due to be congested all week. I just wish I could sleep in just a little bit more while I still can! 

So now, we just wait. I will know more after my appointment as to when the doctors will be willing to induce (if it comes to that!). They like for things to "happen on their own". I get it, that's how I would prefer for it all to go down as well. But I still fear a 10-pound baby after all this waiting! Although....I do hear that bigger babies sleep better! 

"Getting Big" Is An Understatement!

What it is like to be 40 weeks pregnant. How to prepare for baby in the final weeks of pregnancy. #40weekspregnant #9monthspregnant



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