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Women And Hair Loss: Causes, Solutions, and Support

Women And Hair Loss: Causes, Solutions, and Support

image1.jpegHair Loss In Women: Causes, Solutions, and Support. Coping with hair loss. Pregnancy and hair loss. Postpartum hair loss.

My Hair Comeback 

The following post contains affiliate links to product that I love that helped me through my hair loss stage. This means that I receive a small commission on sales that result from this post. This is also a tale about my own personal experience, unique to myself. Be sure to consult your health professionals for your unique situation. Thank you so very much for reading my story.

Back in 2014, I started to panic when I began to notice my hair falling out. Some people around me thought I was nuts for my sudden hair obsession. My hair loss started seemingly out of the blue a year before I got pregnant. 

I took many photos to document my experience. I wanted to have photos to reference in the future so that I could see if it was growing back. The below hair photo that I took in 2013 was a fluke - it was only taken to show someone the new highlights I had just gotten. That photo became the baseline picture that I used to compare what was happening to my hair from 2014-2016. 

Hair Loss In Women: Causes, Solutions, and Support

In 2014, I started to notice a huge increase in the amount of hair that was falling out in the sink after I took a shower. I became obsessed. I had fine thin hair to begin with, and could not afford to be losing so much hair. 

Daily Hair Loss After A Shower

Hair Loss In Women: Causes, Solutions, and Support

Also in 2014, we started to try to have a baby. We had some trouble doing so, and I can't help but wonder if the condition of my hair was a direct reflection of me going through something that was affecting my overall health. This is of course much more obvious in hindsight. 

I knew that I was stressed. I was neck-deep in a challenging masters program and my job at the time was stressing me out. My hair falling out and difficulties getting pregnant did not help to alleviate my stress level. It only caused my stress to skyrocket. 

My hair obsession included taking a lot of photographs and counting hairs that would fall out after a shower (DHC=Daily Hair Count). I even had my hair analyzed under a microscope. Don't ask how - I have connections! 

My Hair Under A Microscope

Hair Loss In Women: Causes, Solutions, and Support

I also had my doctor conduct several blood tests to see if I had any sort of vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or any thyroid issues. None and zero. Everything was within range. There is one thing though that was more intense than ever in my life during this time - STRESS. 

Upon reflection, I was stressed during this time and I was not handling it well. I'm stressed now too, but my coping mechanisms are much better than they were in previous years. I realize now that stress is a HUGE element of overall health and wellness. 

After my pregnancy with my son in 2015, my hair loss became worse before it became better. I was one of those people who experienced intense postpartum hair loss after pregnancy. 

Hair Loss In Women: Causes, Solutions, and Support

My postpartum hair loss caused me to take drastic measures to cover up my baldness. I began to wear toppers. I had already been wearing extensions, but that only helped the bottom of my hair and not the top. I was in need to fix the top of my head, and fast!

I did a lot of research on hair toppers. I came across two brands that I love, especially once I received my hair. The Lauren Ashtyn Collection was where my first topper came from. I was in love the day that I received "Giselle"! 

Using a hair topper for hair loss.

This hair topper was an investment. But she has been very good to me. I've worn the Giselle for 1.5 years now. I have washed it many times and have recently colored the piece so that it has darker roots. It is 100% real human hair that can be styled as well. The one benefit to wearing a topper is that I went an entire year without coloring my hair. I only had one hair trim during that time as well. So I often like to think of all the money that I saved not having to go to the salon during that time!

Now that I have recently had my second baby, I have not been wearing my hair pieces as much while on maternity leave. Before my leave, I wore a hairpiece every day to work. People have not seen my natural hair in a very long time. Now that I have been wearing my natural hair while off work, I've been receiving many compliments from family and friends telling me that my real hair looks so much fuller than it had in the past.

I recently took the below photos to compare what my hair looked like in 2015 compared to how it looks today. I can see a HUGE difference! All the photos on the left make my scalp itch just looking at them! 

Women And Hair Loss: Causes, Solutions, and Support. Female hair loss. Hair loss after pregnancy. Postpartum hair loss.

If you are experiencing hair loss, you need to know that you are not alone. Many of us ladies have also experienced hair loss at some point in our lives. I do not know of any magical trick that will help it to come back (although I have not tried Rogaine For Women yet!). I've done a lot of my own research on vitamins and hair, and it seems as though they would only really work if you had a deficiency to begin with. However, there are many products that I have tried over the years to hide my loss and help with hair volume. Here are some of my favorites that I have used!

This hair shadow is so easy to use and is great for covering up an exposed scalp. This shadow also helps my toppers to blend better and to look more natural when I wear them. 

Applying My Fave Hair Shadow

It's hard to have good "second-day-hair" when your hair is as thin as mine, but this colored dry shampoo definitely helps to freshen up my hair when I am in a pinch. 

I have been using Wet Brush for five years now - these are my absolute favorite hair brushes. I like this set because of the small travel brush that I can conveniently pack in my purse. Since I wear extensions and toppers, I need to brush my hair several times per day in order to keep my hair pieces looking well blended with my natural hair. 

This is my all-time favorite volumizing spray. It leaves my hair feeling full without being too sticky. I have even watered this product down in another spray bottle for when I am seeking modest volume. I apply Rusk Thick when my hair is wet, and then blow dry my hair upside down for max volume. 

Using a Curling Wand To Add Dimension 

Add Volume with a curling wand

I often use the Rusk Thick spray and then curl my hair with a wand. I can curl all my hair in just four sections (that's how thin my hair is!). These wands are also great for curling my extensions and hair toppers!

Women And Hair Loss: Causes, Solutions, and Support
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