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How To Select Tile For Your Bathrooms and Laundry Room

How To Select Tile For Your Bathrooms and Laundry Room

How to select tile for your master bathroom shower #showertile #marbletile #masterbathroom

How To Sort Through An Abundance Of Tile Options

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Every time I walk into a tile store, I have found that the selection can be overwhelming. Even after months of pinning images of bathroom and laundry room tile, it turned out I still did not know what I wanted for our space. 

Tile can be made from a variety of materials, including Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Travertine, Granite, Onyx, Quartzite, Slate, and Glass, to name a few. Often times, the various tile stores will have several showroom examples of how their tile is used. These displays are SO helpful! Even having the tile grouted and displayed onto a drywall slab is more helpful than trying to envision what the tile would look like when seeing it in pieces. 

When I saw this star tile on display, I knew right away that it was perfect for our laundry room. I have been searching for the perfect patterned tile for a while but had not found quite what I was looking for. Until now! 

Decorative Star Pattern Tile 

Star pattern tile for bathroom or laundry room. Decorative floor tile. #floortile #startile

Our laundry room is small, but this tile is exactly what our space needed for a little personality. 

When it came to the floor tile in our master bath, I initially thought that I wanted a small hexagon marble tile, much like the below tile:

Hexagon Floor Tile

Hexagon Floor Tile in 2 inch pieces.

In our last bathroom remodel, I used small hexagons on the floor (and loved them!) But ultimately, we ended up going with something completely different. I brought home three colors of this gorgeous Ted Baker tile to decide on. 

Ceramic Tile Made To Look Like Wood

How to select tile for a mudroom. Ceramic tile that looks like wood.

For the laundry room floor, we only need 47 square feet of tile. I have seen many different patterned designs that I think would be fun for this small space. After looking at several different patterns that were available, I had our selection narrowed down to these two:

Star Laundry Room Floor Tile

Patterned Tile For a Laundry Room Floor. How to choose laundry room floor tile.
Patterned Tile For a Laundry Room Floor. How to choose laundry room floor tile.

We are going with the stars!

For the main bathroom on the second floor, AKA the kid's bath, we really like white subway tile. And just wait to see the floor tile! It is a super fun gray color that will look great with the white vanities that we are installing. 

White Subway Tile With a Matte Finish and Black Trim

Matte Finished White Subway Tile With Black Trim.

There were so many different creative suggestions for master bathroom tile in the various showrooms that I went to see. 

Chevron Tile Shelf Pattern In Shower

Shower with chevron shelf pattern.

Decorative Stone Used In Shower

Master Bathroom Shower Tile

We're leaning towards using marble in the bathroom, but there are so many options, and we are also trying to not make things too busy. We need bathroom floor tile, shower floor tile, and shower wall tile (to start).

I am obsessed with hexagons. This type of tile will most likely go in on the main bathroom floor. But I am still torn between a basket weave pattern, which is another look that I really like. 

Hexagon Marble Floor Tile

Basket Weave Floor Tile

Basket Weave Floor Tile For a Bathroom.

Marble Shower Wall Tile

Selecting Tile For Bathrooms, Laundry Room, and Mudroom

Shower Floor Tile

Shower Floor Tile

My husband will be laying all of this tile himself once it's go-time. So far, he is on board with the Star tile for the laundry room. We will probably make several more changes before we select a final design, but things are moving fast over at the house! Drywall is currently going up and should be complete in the next two weeks. Hardwood floors are then next, with kitchen cabinet install shortly to follow! So very exciting! 

Master Bath Progress

Master Bath Progress


Master Bath Progress

When I initially saw our shower with the drywall up, I felt that it need to be opened up more. I pitched the idea to my husband, who was completely on board. He got right to work, and made our shower a much more open space. Our bathroom feels twice as big with the shower wall opened up!

Left: Before shower wall demo, Right: After shower wall demo

Opening up a master bathroom shower

The new shower configuration will allow for more natural light to come into the shower. It will also allow us to see the tile and plumbing fixtures that we chose a little better! 

When it came to shower heads, tubfillers, faucets, and shower drains, I swooned over the selection that Newport Brass had on display at our local plumbing fixture store. 

Newport Brass faucets and shower heads.

Everything that they had was gorgeous. It was exactly what our master bathroom needed. Our plumbing fixtures in our master bathroom are from the Bronwen Collection by Newport Brass. 

For our two bathroom faucets, we selected the Newport 365 Bronwen Widespread Faucet in a Satin Nickel finish. When we received our faucets, I couldn't put them down!

Newport Brass Pumping Fixtures and Shower Drains.

For our shower drain, we went with the above Newport Brass 4-inch drain with a pattern that I felt was perfect for our space. 

Our tub filler will be Newport Brass's Priya. This gorgeous free-standing tub filler, made of solid brass construction in a Satin Nickel finish, will sit next to our tub which will take up the corner of our bathroom under the two large windows.  

And lastly, our shower heads, which we will now be able to SEE since we opened up the shower, are also part of the Newport 365 Brownen line. We will have not one, but two shower heads in our new space. The shower heads and faceplates will also be in a Satin Nickel finish.

I have been going gaga lately over tile and plumbing fixtures. We are hoping to have our bathroom complete by December, and I cannot wait to reveal the finished look! 

Classically Modern Bathroom Remodel Ideas. Tile and plumbing fixture ideas for bathroom remodel. Grey and white tile ideas for a bathroom. #masterbathroom #masterbath #showertile #bathfixtures
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